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How We're Diffrent
Education from our society point of view is a burning lamp that gives the light to dispel darkness present in the night when sun refuses to dispel the darkness and BBS Vision is a perfect reflection of the lamp as lamp burns from its head so the BBS Vision aware the students from its mind, heart and soul and gives such a wonderful awareness which makes a career of the student and every student gets enlightenment from his profession and the student heart is filled up with light and BBS Vision removes even in the internal darkness present in the student.
  • To help those who really need it today
  • To provide career guidance
  • To spread real education to masses/for every one
  • To promote sports activities
  • To make endeavor for drugs eradication
  • To promote and spread the culture activities
BBS Vision counselors provide the latest figures on the growth of each field, with exhaustive country-wide listings of courses of study, colleges and institutions to the students..........
BBS Vision's child sponsorship program creates real, lasting change for children and their communities. Our compassionate, local staff show God's love to all people as they help build healthy communities for children in the world's most impoverished places. BBS Vision partners with sponsored children's communities over the long term to address critical needs and help communities become self-sustaining.
  • A welcome kit with a photo and information about your sponsored child
  • The opportunity to correspond by mail
  • Yearly progress reports with updated photos
  • The joy of changing a young life forever!
How can I help poor through BBS Vision
By helping children living in such extreme poverty we can enable them to experience the fullness of life God offers. Join BBS Vision and individuals all over the world as we seek to bring compassion and justice to the world's poorest people. As a child sponsor, you can help save a child from a life of poverty.
Leave No One Behind
About BBS Vision
Career Counseling
What do I receive as a child sponsor?
BBS Vision Scholarship program is for brilliant students from 9th standard onwards, who are dropping out of school due to financial reasons. These students will be adopted by our organization and placed in boarding schools. BBS Vision shall fund their scholarship till they pass their high school.
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