Baba Budha Sahib Education and Sports Association Toronto
Leave No One Behind

About Baba Budha Ji

Baba Budha is a unique personage in Sikhism, played an important role in the development of society. He was a contemporary of the first six Sikh Gurus and had personally performed the anointment ceremony for Gurus from second to sixth.
Baba Budha was born in 1506 AD in village Kathu Nangal (District Amritsar). He met Guru Nanak for the first time in 1518 AD when the Guru had visited his village. He impressed the Guru as having old head on young shoulders and won the appellate of "Budha" (old). In 1604 AD Baba Budha became the first Granthi (priest of the Golden Temple and in that capacity completed the first path (perusal) of the Adi Granth.

About BBS Vision

Our Mission:
  • To help those in the state of Punjab who are on crossroads of life and really need it now
  • To provide career guidance to recent graduates in educationally backward areas of Punjab
  • To spread education to every corner of society
  • To promote sports activities to keep today's youth away from life of crime and drugs
  Our Focus:
  • Counseling: To provide support and encouragement towards skilled training to earn for better living and to help remove poverty from the region thorough skilled trades and education.
  • Education: To help those family who live below poverty line. Students who are brilliant in studies and those who are willing to go to school but they cannot afford to go to school.
  • Sports: To promote sports in the region at grass root level and pick the kids at early stages to keep the youth disciplined citizens of this beautiful world.
  • Drugs: to spread the awareness about drugs in the community. To aware the public about causes and effects and treatments for drugs by offering courses, Seminars and meetings. To co-ordinate health care and social support services for persons affected by drug and abuse.
 Our Efforts:      

Since early 2005, the BBS Vision is trying to touch the life of youths lost in mazes of world not knowing what to do. The Foundation's mission reflects the life-changing impact that a BBS Vision experience can have on youths under its wings and families connected to their lives.
The BBS Vision was founded in 2005 after a the name of Punjabi Sikh Saint Baba Budha Sahib. Since its humble beginnings, the organization is quickly blossoming into a  phenomenon, getting new volunteers into its folds. Although BBS Vision is very young, it has been successful in showing effects of hard work of its volunteers committed to fulfillment of its mission. A network of more than 100 volunteers enable BBS Vision to serve worst drug hit districts of Punjab with limited financial resources and just zeal to go on. Volunteers serve as career counselors, speaker in seminar and in numerous other capacities. As the Foundation continues to mature, its mission will remain steadfast.  

Year (2007 - 2008):   

There are 20 districts of Punjab. Due to monetary limits, BBS Vision has been able to operate in 3 Districts only in Year 2007. Hard work of volunteers has already started to show its color. New volunteers kept on joining regularly. During this time period, team of volunteers and employees covered at least 2 villages daily. Seminars were held for teenager students in schools with the help of slides. Sometimes lectures were also scheduled by former drug users to let teenagers and youths know about dangers of drug use.
Career counseling sessions with soon to be graduates were also held. Other issues touched in seminars were AIDS, information about Drugs Addiction Centers, Call center training center, English Speaking School Information etc. At the end of day, pamphlets were left on Notice Board of the school for the future reference and phone numbers for students. There is also a proposal to set up a phone number and website where volunteers and employees will be available to assist any of the students or anybody in need of counseling.    

Year (2009):

Enthusiasm of volunteers has given us hope we never anticipated. Next year should be a crucial year for this organization. Our goal for 2008 is to cover at least half of districts of Punjab. From every school we attended previous year, students were always open to reflect their views. All those view will be accommodated to increase effectiveness of our program. More former drug users will be introduced as speakers in schools in drug infested areas. Another area of weakness in previous year was lack of encouragement for sports. Lectures will be modified to include more sports to get youths into programs. We will try to get former successful sportsperson to lecture these students.

Our Financial Obligations:

Total budget for covering 3 districts of Punjab in year 2007 was approximate $5,000 CAD. That means to cover half of the districts of Punjab in coming year, foundation will need at least $16,000 CAD. All these expenses of BBS Vision are covered by donations. Last year used laptops and used slide show equipments were bought for organization. But to increase efficiency, some new slide show equipments and computers have to be bought.
Organization is small in size now, but as it will grow, more money will be needed to spend on management. In coming times, BBS Vision will need more volunteers and donors to keep race towards our goals on.